Results From Survey of Those That Sought Fair Compensation For Their Accident Injuries

  • October 4, 2021

Those surveyed got asked a series of questions, such as these: Did you have a lawyer? How long did you have to wait before receiving any money? Did any of you try to engage in the legal process on your own?

The majority of the claimants that were part of the survey had chosen to settle, instead of suing the responsible party.

In fact, close to ¾ of those that got asked the survey questions had made that choice. Those seeking answers from the claimants had tried to discover, as well, the size of their different settlements. That search uncovered the fact that more than ½ of the settlements allowed for a payout of $3,000 to $25,000 from the insurance company.

Obviously, some claimants’ settlements allowed those injured parties to receive more than $25,000. How much more than that sizeable amount of money was it? Did the survey yield an answer to that question?

Yes, most claimants received an amount that was slightly higher than $25,000. A few of them got as much as $70,000. What factors allowed that small group to receive so much money?

When claimants’ understanding of their injuries was great, and when those same injuries had been severe in nature, the injured parties’ chances for receiving more money increased. Moreover, the size of their compensation increased even further, if one of their first calls had been to a personal injury lawyer in Bolingbrook, someone with whom those potential clients had worked before.

The actions of those clients/claimants that managed to receive a large compensation differed from the actions that were taken by at least ½ of those that had agreed to settle with the opposing party. Those that accepted a smaller compensation had consulted with different lawyers, and had exhibited marked uncertainty, with respect to the severity of their injuries.

An analysis of the survey’s results uncovered the existence of 4 factors that seem to increase any claimant’s chances for receiving a large settlement package. A listing of those 4 factors would begin with the act of hiring a lawyer. Still, 3 other acts could be used to supplement that first one. So, what were those other acts? The first one was that of negotiating a settlement. That is why personal injury lawyers always tell their clients not to accept the insurance company’s first offer.

The final 2 acts were that of notifying the other party about any plans to file a lawsuit, and that of waiting for the desired money. Impatient clients/claimants never receive as much money as those that were willing to wait. Insurance companies try to take advantage of the fact that an injured victim often feels pressured to obtain money just as quickly as possible.