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If you’ve suffered a personal injury in the city of Bolingbrook, IL, the good news is that there are skilled personal injury lawyers in the area who can represent you and make sure your rights are protected. SF Injury Law Group have many years of litigation experience, are excellent negotiators and strive to ensure that you get maximum compensation for your injuries.

Our Priority is You, the Client

SF Injury Law Group is a legal firm that focuses on client needs. This means that while we are lawyers and a business, our ultimate goal of our business is to make sure our clients receive the best possible outcome for their unique situation. We recognize that there is no one size fits all approach and each client had different needs, based on their injuries, and different personalities that each require a tailored approach.

As a client of SF Injury Law Group, you can expect all of these services from the following from us:

  • You don’t pay us until we help you win the compensation you deserve. We have no hidden charges or hidden fees.
  • Strong communication channels with our highly skilled personal injury lawyers in Bolingbrook, IL that is experienced in cases similar to your case.
  • Our team consists of paralegals, doctors, investigators and support professionals that work together to help you recover and aid in getting the financial assistance.
  • As a team, you’ll have easier access to being able to get a hold of an actual person when you need help or have a question.

Our firm recognizes that an accident can have a big impact on a person. There are the obvious issues with the pain associated with injuries. However, there is the case of not being able to get employment in your desired field and the issue of covering medical bills. Watching the bills pile up with no money coming in can be emotional and financially devastating. SF Injury Law Group specialize in helping you get your life back together.

Determining the Worth of Your Case

Most of the clients that come through our door seeking help have one pressing question: What is my case worth? The question is fair and valid. It can also be hard to precisely determine. The value of a case depends on the level of emotional, financial and physical cost associated with the harm that has been done against you.

There are many people that suffer debilitating injuries while others manage to get away with minor injuries but are still eligible for compensation. Most people ask SF Injury Law Group in Bolingbrook, IL about the value of their claim. However, it is essential to know that the value of your injury claim depends upon various factors- liability of the accident and the level of injuries sustained. Here are the various damage categories that we will represent on your behalf as we negotiate or litigate for compensation:

  • Punitive damages – A rare type of damages to get compensation for since the criteria for them is difficult to achieve. If the defendant’s attitude or behavior was outrageously egregious and caused the accident, punitive damages are awarded as a means to punish the offender.
  • Compensatory damages – Purpose is to assist the accident victim with hospital expenses associated with the accident. Examples include medical care, property damage and lost income.
  • General damages – Less tangible damages such as emotional distress, pain and suffering or loss relationship. This is awarded with the above damages. Difficult to assign value and sometimes difficult to get full compensation for.

SF Injury Law Group in Bolingbrook, IL understands the pain and suffering you are undergoing and our legal team would like to help you. By working with a personal injury lawyer in Illinois, helps you to maximize your chance of getting the best settlement on the claim. We know that the insurance adjuster does not have your best interest in mind but works for the insurance company.

Call SF Injury Law Group in Bolingbrook, IL today if you are tired of the difficulties, you are facing due to an accident that happened due to someone’s negligence. We can unravel the legalities and help you navigate the process of the claim better.