How To Ask Good Questions When Consulting With Personal Injury Lawyer?

  • July 13, 2021

Any reputable personal injury lawyer in Crystal Lake should provide a prospective client with the chance to have a free consultation. In order to take full advantage of that opportunity, the prospective client needs to ask good questions.

It makes sense to inquire about the lawyer’s experience in the legal field.

Most lawyers put their framed degree on the wall of their office. Still, it makes sense to learn what that graduate of law school has done, since the day when he or she received that particular degree.

It makes sense to inquire about how often the consulted attorney has been asked to handle a case like your own.

Not every member of the legal profession has gained expertise in every area of the law. Like doctors, lawyers tend to specialize. A thinking person would not visit a cardiologist, if he or she were having repeated migraine headaches.

Keeping that fact in mind, it should be clear why a possible client should learn about the consulted attorney’s previous cases. If the attorney has handled similar cases, then the prospective client should ask about the outcome for each case.

Any prospective client that has chosen to consult with a lawyer at a large firm should ask a pointed question:

Who would be handling my case, if I were to retain the services of this firm?

Frequently, a larger firm gives some of its simpler cases to the firm’s newer members. Someone that has given thought to paying for the services of such a firm deserves to know exactly who would be handling that some person’s case.

Whether the possible client has walked into a large firm or a small office, there is another question that ought to be asked:

How to you arrange for payment of the costs? Does the portion of the money taken from the settlement, or the court-ordered judgment cover the costs?

If the answer to that second inquiry is “yes,” then there should be a follow-up inquiry. A personal injury lawyer could take money for costs from the settlement in either of 2 different ways. That money could come off the top, or it could be taken out after the lawyer has collected his or her contingency fee.

Anyone that is consulting with a personal injury attorney should inquire about which of the 2 methods the consulted professional uses. The latter method causes a reduction in the amount of money that gets delivered to the client.

A possible question

A personal injury lawyer could be asked to offer his or her opinion on a given case’s worth. Usually, a personal injury attorney does not like to take a case that does not promise to ensure the client of a win.