How Could Depositions Play A Part In A Car Accident Lawsuit?

  • June 24, 2021

The deposition is part of the discovery process. It follows the exchange of documents and the utilization of interrogations.

Features of a typical disposition

The Personal Injury Lawyer in Bolingbrook for each party questions those that have any information that might be relevant to the plaintiff’s accident and injuries. Additionally, the disposition takes place at a location that suits the witness and there they give their testimonies under oath.

Who can be deposed at a deposition for a car accident?

• Each of the involved drivers
• The passengers in the cars of the involved drivers
• Anyone who witnessed the accident
• Anyone who witnessed changes in the plaintiff, following the accident’s occurrence
• Any doctor that had been treating the plaintiff
• The officer that first arrived on scene, in order to investigate the reported accident
• Anyone that has some piece of knowledge that appears relevant to the claimed accident.

Who is present in the room during the deposition?

• The lawyer for the plaintiff and the lawyer for the defendant
• The witnesses: Each witness is allowed to have an attorney. The list of witnesses might include one or more expert witnesses.
• Any lawyer that is representing one of the other parties that were involved in the lawsuit
• The court recorder

What sort of expert witnesses might be present in car accident case?

If the plaintiff had sustained a complex injury, then there might be some medical professionals that needed to testify during a deposition.If the parties had been giving different accounts for the conditions of the road, then there might be an expert that is skilled at the reconstruction of an accident.

The reconstruction of a collision manages to offer clues, regarding the elements that caused the collision. The way that a given road has been engineered might account for the accident’s occurrence. If the plaintiff were seeking reimbursement for days of work that had been missed, then it might be necessary to depose an expert at economic matters.

What sort of evidence might be introduced at a deposition for a car accident case?

If the insurance company had suggested that the plaintiff’s car was a total loss, then the plaintiff might produce pictures that were taken of the car before the collision. Ideally, those same pictures would illustrate the existence of special accessories.

By demonstrating the existence of such accessories, the car’s owner (the plaintiff) would have more proof of the fact that the car’s value was much greater than the value estimated by the insurance company. In other words, it had a greater actual cash value. If an auto’s value is decidedly high, then it makes more sense to spend money on repairs for the same vehicle. That would account for the pictures shown at deposition.