Dog Bite Attack Lawyers

Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers in Illinois

The fact remains that dogs bite and that holds true for a dog of any breed. From just a nip to being mauled in a traumatic dog attack, it can leave children and adults with serious psychological trauma and physical injuries. Your injuries due to a dog bite or attack is the reason that you can hold the dog owner liable and seek compensation for your injuries and other harm.

Dog Bite Laws

Illinois formulated new dog bite laws in 2019 that protects people and their pets from negligent pet owners, and dangerous canines. As per the statute 510 ILCS 5/2. 05a, an aggressive or dangerous dog is defined as any dog that is left unmuzzles, unleashed and unattended by the owner.

As per the statute 510ILCS 5/2.11a, it is the canine owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet dog remains secured on the property of the private property of the owner, enclosed by at least 6 feet structure or fence. In case, the dog escapes from the owner’s property and causes any harm or injuries, the owner is fully responsible for any damages.

At SF Injury Law Group, we know that dog bites can lead to serious psychological and physical injuries, while severe bites oftentimes require surgery and scars. Additionally, animal attacks can be emotionally and mentally traumatic for the victim. And that is the reasons that if you or a loved one has been a victim of dog bite or attack, our personal injury lawyers are here to represent your rights and seek justice.

Representing the Rights of Dog Bite Victims

We have represented the rights of innumerable clients in Illinois over the years, and helped them file claims to be compensated after dog bites on other people’s private properties. Though most of the dog owners’ content that their pets are harmless and friendly, facts show that oftentimes, dogs turn aggressive and attack. That is why the dog bite laws have been formulated and implemented.

If anyone has been mauled or bitten by a vicious dog, you need to know that as per the Illinois laws, you are eligible to file for compensation for the injuries sustained. And that is where SF Injury Law Group steps in to help you maximize your damages.

We can help you file an injury lawsuit against the owner of the dangerous dog that attacked you. However, to win damages, there are some key aspects that have to be proven. These include:

  • You were on the property legally when the dog attack happened
  • You did not provoke the dog and were not partially/fully liable for the attack
  • The dog tried to attack, bit you and caused injuries

Our legal team is available to discuss your case and the initial consultation is FREE. To know more about how SF Injury Law Group can assist you in and out of court as you file for damages, call us now.