Defective Product Liability Attorney

Product Liability Lawyers for Defective Product Injury Victims

As a consumer, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether a product you recently purchased is defective and possibly dangerous to use. Unfortunately, many defective products find their way into the hands of unsuspecting victims who wind up suffering serious, long-term and even life-threatening injuries when using them. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury when using a defective product, the product liability lawyers of the SF Injury Law Group will see that you get the compensation you deserve.

Defective Products that often lead to Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits

Designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have a responsibility to ensure that a defective product never gets into the hands of the consumer. If they do, they can be held liable for any injuries or fatalities that result from that product’s use. Some of the more common product areas that have led to legal action in the past include:

  • defective airbags
  • defective baby strollers/car seats
  • defective drugs
  • defective sports equipment
  • defectively designed cribs
  • faulty brakes and other equipment
  • seatbelt failures
  • tire failure
  • tobacco products
  • vehicular rollover accidents

The SF Injury Law Group specializes in product liability claims and lawsuits (generally known as “strict liability” claims). These claims allow individuals that have suffered injury by using a defective product to recover compensation without having to prove that the manufacturer or retailer was negligent. Other forms of these cases include:

  • breach of warranty of fitness or damage that directly resulted from inadequate product instructions or warnings
  • negligence in the form of carelessness, malice, or recklessness

Furthermore, there are different product defects that members in the chain of supply can be held liable for including design flaws, manufacturing defects, improper instruction or warning labels. We know that there are various nuances of the case that need to be considered before the liability can be pinned on the at-fault party.

The Foundation of a Product Liability Claim

It is the responsibility of everyone in the chain of supply to ensure that a product is safe to use once it reaches the consumer and is used as directed. If a consumer is seriously or fatally injured when using a defective product, members of the supply chain can be held liable if the:

  • consumer was injured or suffered losses
  • consumer was using the product as intended
  • defect caused the consumer’s injury/injuries
  • product is deemed defective.

If you or a loved one sustained any injury from using a defective product, contact a personal injury lawyer at the SF Injury Law Group today to determine if you have grounds to file a product liability lawsuit. With an experienced team of lawyers, investigators and paralegal staff, we have helped our clients win millions of dollars as damages over the years.

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